What are the services provided by BRAZILIAN DESK?
Does our retainer fee include legal advice?
Do I need a lawyer to represent me?
Can I hire my own lawyer?
Who is a “Green Card” holder?
How can you get a “Green Card”?
Is the “Green Card” process the same for all categories?
Can I obtain the “Green Card” through an EB-5 project?
Can my request for a visa or a "Green Card" be denied?
Can I choose the project that I will invest in?
What are my risks?
Can I invest in my own project through immigration programs?
What is “to create or preserve direct or indirect jobs”?
What are the key factors to have a business project qualified for immigration?
What is a “Treaty Country”?
What is an “active investment”?
Personal qualification?
Do I need to inform about all my assets and sources of income?